Friday, August 28, 2015

This Offseason

Funny, because its a football. And Deflategate happened. 

Well football is back. But only after one of the more painful off seasons for the NFL in recent history. With that being said here's my take on a list of things that happened, after Pete Carroll was a complete moron. 

Dez Bryant - End of February there was a rumored video of Dez Bryant beating a woman in a parking lot somewhere. Adam Schefter knew what was on the tape, all the insiders knew about the tape, TMZ paid 2 million for it. Yeah dude, never saw that tape. Could have been a huge misunderstanding of relating to the 6 police related issues in which Dez's name came up which you can hear about here. He ended up getting a 5 year $70 mil contract anyway.

Chris Borland - Two things of importance happened in March. After his first year in the NFL, 49ers linebacker Chris Borland retired to preserve his body and head, or something like that. The kid knew exactly what sport he was playing the whole time, and it infuriates me that parents can now use his case to fuel their argument against their kids playing football. The NFL vs. concussion nonsense is ridiculous to me. Yes, I know you can get concussions playing football, and with what they are labeling concussions nowadays, I've probably had ten. What I am mad about is that its taken a few suicides, and some guys quitting to label football as the worst sport for a child to play. Everyone knew (unless they are very, VERY uneducated), that football is a dangerous sport. I'm not harping on it anymore, you can read my whole opinion on my one-shot blog if you want. 

Greg Hardy - The 2nd thing was Greg Hardy, the woman-beating defensive end, getting signed by the Dallas Cowboys. Hardy played one game in 2014 and was then put on the Commissioner's Exempt List after he was FOUND GUILTY by a judge for beating his girlfriend, Nicole Holder and threatening to kill her. He then appealed for a jury trial which was supposed to start mid February of 2015. Surprise surprise, the charges were dismissed. Why? Because the scumbag paid her off. Hardy was a free agent when the off season began, and even though the NFL was still reviewing his situation, he had suitors. The two front runners ended up being Tampa and Dallas, the one with common sense backed out. "At the end of the day, we didn't feel good about it," general manager Jason Licht told the Tampa Bay Times. So that left Jerry Jones and his 1-year $11.3 million contract. 

Aaron Hernandez - Not necessarily NFL related, but in April, Aaron Hernandez, the former TE for the Patriots, was found guilty for first degree murder for killing his acquaintance Odin Lloyd. Hernandez is a complete thug. Pretty boy face, great athlete, terrible human being. He's where he belongs. 

Greg Hardy - The 10-game suspension for Hardy came down on April 23rd for violating the personal conduct policy. The NFL came down with the suspension after an "extensive two-month investigation" into Hardy's situation. 

Deflategate - Tom Brady was handed a 4 game suspension for his role in "deflategate" in May. It was appealed, Goodell stood by his original ruling. My view on it is this: Maybe other teams around the league do it, but it doesn't make it right. Brady and New England got called out. Brady destroying his cell phone was absurd. PERIOD. Now they battle in court, does anyone even care anymore? Honestly, I was over this 10 minutes after the Colts bitched about it. Move on.

Ray McDonald -  Also in May, winner Ray McDonald, a the Bears defensive lineman, was charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment, child endangerment and violating a court order after breaking into an ex-fiancĂ©e's bedroom and hitting her, while she held their 2-month-old child. Thats a solid group of charges there. However, Grand Jury never indicted him. Still amazing how the Bears gave him a contract after the 49ers cut him in December, citing off-the-field issues, good on them for cutting him as well. 

Jerry Jones Strikes Again - Jerry Jones used the draft to prove, once again, that all he cares about is winning. He drafts Randy Gregory, a real goodie two-shoes out of Nebraska, a first round talent, in the 2nd round. He's a kid that just LOVES smoking weed and failed the drug test at the combine. This was AFTER Gregory tested positive for marijuana twice at Nebraska in 2014. Then after the draft, he picked up La'el Collins, the lineman out of LSU. A first round talent who was connected to the investigation into the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Nice. Sometimes I wish the Giants would do things like that. Just throw good character out the window, but to be honest, when was the last time the Cowboys won anything? Right.  

JPP - Fourth of July weekend. We had JPP being a complete moron and fucking the Giants over by playing with fireworks. Giants pulled their long-term $60 million offer. He then stayed in the hospital, refusing to talk to the Giants. Rumors swirled as to what was going on until then Mr. Schefter was given a picture of JPP's medical records. The idiot BLEW OFF HIS INDEX FINGER! Took almost a full month for JPP to grow a pair and contact the Giants. Now, JPP is the Giants franchise player, so either he signs the one-year contract, or doesn't sign anywhere. If he's not healthy enough to play, the Giants can put him on the non-football injury list and won't have to pay him the $14.8 million franchise tag. Either way, terrible decision making on his part, and now the Giants have yet ANOTHER hole to fill with mediocrity. 

Greg Hardy - July 10th. Hardy's 10 game suspension was reduced to 4. This was after the NFL investigation into the matter found this, from

"First, he used physical force against her which caused her to land in a bathtub," a league news release said. "Second, he used physical force against her which caused her to land on a futon that was covered with at least four semi-automatic rifles. Third, he used physical force against her by placing his hands around Ms. Holder's neck and applying enough pressure to leave visible marks. And fourth, he used physical force to shove Ms. Holder against a wall in his apartment's entry hallway."

Cannot begin to understand or even read the reasoning on the reduction of games. It's a joke. Guy is a complete clown and I'd love to see him get hurt the day he comes back. 

Ray McDonald/Ahmad Brooks - McDonald was indicted by a grand jury on one count of rape of an intoxicated person. Brooks was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery. This all comes after a night at McDonald's house in December of 2014. The charges involve one woman that claimed both men assaulted her after she fell and hit her head at McDonald's pool deck, which resulted in her being unconscious. You can read the sickening details here

Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments. I feel like I am missing something big, but who knows. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Will Be Moving...

Packin Up and Shippin Out!

To my friends, family, and whoever else has been reading the blog, I am leaving the free agent pool and signing with G-Men HQ. For me, it is a step in the right direction, a step that hopefully will lead to more opportunities down the road. Don't worry, every article I write on their site will be put onto my Facebook without hesitation. I will keep this site up but will not post on it just in case. Thanks for sticking with me for my first season, and I hope you continue to read my thoughts on!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013



Well, I mentioned in the Hynoski update that Barden and the Giants were close to a reunion, and he's back. I thought that the Hynoski injury would cause a problem with the roster situation but I guess that is not the case, yet. 

You all know I love Ramses. The guy has all the tools to be a freak on the field. 6-6 224 pounds is beast size. He proved he could play with the game vs Carolina last year where he had 9 for 138 filling in for an injured Nicks. 

Hopefully he now understands that this is his last shot. Every other team in the NFL passed on his services, and he is already down towards the bottom of the Giants depth chart. I hope this lights a fire under him and he puts up some numbers in 2013.

Hynoski Injury Update

Not Too Good.

News came back today that Henry Hynoski has sprained his MCL and has a chip fracture to the lateral plateau in his knee. Adam Schefter of ESPN however, says the MCL is torn, which is obviously worse than just a sprain. Surgery is set for Friday. 

Doctors say it is not an unrealistic goal to have him back by week one, but I doubt it will happen. Have to start looking for free agent full backs now, which is unfortunate. With the loss of Bennett, Bradshaw, and now Hynoski, the running game for the Giants has taken a huge hit in terms of blocking. 

Update on Nicks missing OTAs: Apparently he is upset about his contract too, so that's great, don't expect him there unless Eli starts paying him. 

RECENT UPDATE ON NICKS: Had nothing to do with contract situation. Apparently he was honored in the New York area Tuesday night, missed Wednesday, shouldn't be a big deal. 

Interestingly enough, Ramses Barden was back for a physical and may sign shortly. Problem with that is, there was one roster spot available, and may have to be used for Hynoski's replacement.

UPDATE ON RAMSES: See next article... 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Start Of OTAs

OTAs Have Begun.

I'll start with this:

The Giants fullback Henry Hynoski was carted off the field after the 2nd play of team drills. Apparently he banged knees with Andre Brown after receiving a handoff and had his leg rolled up on.

He went for a MRI, results are not back as of yet, I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Hakeem Nicks, who broke the 5th metatarsal bone in his foot during the 2nd OTA last year, was a no show today. Coughlin is pissed saying,  "He should be here" ... "Yeah, I sure did (expect him)."

Cruz is still being a primadonna about his contract so he was a no show as well. There were reports that they were "on the two yardline" with contract negotiations, but I guess they stalled there, much like the Giants offense as a whole.

With the two best wide receivers out, Eli gets some much needed extra work with the back of the depth chart, Randle, Murphy, Jernigan.

Jernigan will be getting a lot of slot work with the Cruz absense. A guy that needs to turn the corner quick or he may not have a spot on this team.

Still real excited about the homerun threat in Murphy.

Expecting even more out of Randle in his second year.

Paysinger, Herzlich, and Rivers were the starting linebacking corps during team. Obviously this can change, and probably will.

Only rookies that remain unsigned are Pugh and Nassib.

I'm only going to  post injuries, interesting signings, and contract talks until the preseason starts, so stay tuned...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Giants Add a Linebacker

Giants Sign Aaron Curry

The Giants brought in two free agents on Thursday for a workout, linebacker Aaron Curry and WR/Return Specialist Josh Cribbs. Both left without a contract, one came back today and signed. Aaron Curry, a 27 yearold linebacker out of Wake Forest, was drafted number 4 overall by the Seahawks in 2009. In his senior year of colllege he won the Butkus Award for being the best linebacker in the nation.

Now obviously he did not live up to the hype of being the 4th overall pick. He went from the Seahawks to the Raiders after just 2 seasons by way of a trade, a 7th round pick to be exact. Played only 13 games for the Raiders and was waived after spending practically all of last season on the physically unable to perform list (PUP).

Now, the deal is a "low-risk" one year deal, probably for the veteran minimum which is perfectly fine with me. All low risk high reward with Curry. If his knees continue to be an issue, cut him. If he lives up to the talent of a 4th overall pick? That would be ridiculous value.

Reese sees him as being a middle or strongside backer, the latter he played in college. Expected to drop 10 pounds down to 255 as well.

In college he had outstanding field vision and was quite the ball hawk. As a junior he returned 3 of his 4 interceptions for touchdowns.

With the linebacker position being a glaring hole in the Giants defense, this is a great signing. Stay healthy and the Giants may have a great linebacker on their hands.

Rookie minicamp has begun. If anything happens with that I'll post. Cruz is still doing whatever he is doing and not signing a contract.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rest of Draft and UDFAs

Who Else Did They Get?

I will never guess what the Giants will do. Ever again. Not one player I wanted was drafted or picked up.

4th, 5th, two 7th round picks, along with 6 undrafted free agents. Agree with some, not all. Still could have done better, I'll just put a thought or two on each player.

4th Round - Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse - Traded our 4th and 6th round picks to get a player that Reese hopes to "never play". Was mocked by many to go in the 1st to Buffalo. I guess you have to find an Eli replacement sometime, but also could be a trade piece down the road.

5th Round - Cooper Taylor S Richmond - Started at Georgia Tech Second Team All ACC as a freshman. Had a heart condition that caused him to miss sophomore year on a medical red shirt then barely played the next year cause of injuries. Went to Richmond for his last 2 years. Giants will use him as a 3rd safety/linebacker hybrid. At 6-4 228, he is a little big for a safety, a little small for an outside backer. He also ran a 4.49 at his pro day. Freak athlete, that I really want to see play.

7th Round - Eric Herman OG Ohio - 6-4 320, Mr. Pancake is what they call him, 335.5 pancakes at Ohio. Big nasty brawler. May not even make roster, but with the lack of depth at OLine, especially in 2014, he will be on the practice squad at the worst.

7th Round - Michael Cox RB UMass - 6-0 214 guy has good hands and good burst coming out of the backfield. Nothing else on him except the fact that he can flip into the end zone.

  • Mount Union LB Charles Dieuseul 
    • Mount Union is the Alabama of D3 football. 6-0 230. Went from LB to DE to LB during career there. 
  • Charleston Southern DB Charles James
    • 5-9 184. Apparently guy has a nose for the football. Had a school record 6 INTs in 2011
  • LSU TE Chase Clement
    • More of a lineman. 3rd string TE if anything
  • Ohio State LB Etienne Sabino
    • 6-2 247. All the physical tools, just not completely there in terms of skill. A project. 
  • Virginia Tech S Alonzo Tweedy
    • Special teams whiz apparently. Not as a returner necessarily but as a gunner on punt and kick coverage. 
  • Virginia Tech WR Marcus Davis
    • LOVE this pickup. Also loved Ramses Barden, ha. At 6-3 233 and arms that reach 32 and 3/4", he has all the physical talent in the world. Ran a 4.48 and had a 39" vertical at his pro day.   Has the speed to break away from the defender in the open field. His weaknesses are all fixable with good coaching. Blocking, and catching with his hands away from his body are the two big things against him. Coughlin & Co. hopefully will get all that fixed so we can add him to the list of Reese's gems. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 2

2nd and 3rd Round Picks

Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio State
Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M

2nd round, Arthur Brown was still on the board and they did not go with him. Instead take a DT, a position the Giants have drafted in the 2nd round 4 of the last 5 drafts. What this says to me is they are set with the linebacking corps they have. Rivers, Connor, Jacquain as the starters most likely. 

Hankins: Big guy, 6-3 320, could weigh even more. That's the problem with him though. Has a stamina issue because he is just that big. Brings his work ethic in the weight room and in practice into question. The picture above would be nice to see, but it wont be happening often. Guy is a complete run stuffer. Able to take on double teams. Gotta be more consistent, some had him as a first round talent. 

Moore: This pick I like, a lot. 6-4 250. Once considered a top 5 pick, but with his terrible combine and pro day, his stock came crashing down. Apparently he has an attitude issue to go along with his work ethic. Off field issues are there too with an arrest for marijuana possession. Played behind Von Miller at A&M when they were in the 3-4 so got mentored by a great football player. 2012 they switched to the 4-3. 12.5 sacks, 20 tackles for a loss as a DE. Guy is a natural at getting to the QB. And the Giants could never have enough of those. 

I've been reading a little on late players. Take a look at the WR Da'Rick Rogers ... off field issues, but a tremendous talent, would LOVE HIM. I'll put up day 3 later tonight or tomorrow.